Welcome to the NEW Cowbell Cafe !

We are open under new management, remodelled and better than ever !

The new Cowbell Cafe now offers breakfast, lunch and dinner with free home delivery
available from 4pm to 7pm to start. We will expand delivery if it catches on and people use the service enough.

At the Cowbell, we are all about the "locals" and so our motto is "go where the locals go".....We enjoy the summer season and our visitors too but we understand that folks live here and we will not cut back hours, days or weeks outside of the three month tourist season. 

Our theme is a Classic American Diner serving up homemade comfort food fast and reasonable. We are not pretentious and will not serve you a $20 cheeseburger because "it's the coast". Come have coffee at the counter, meet new and old friends, watch the games, grab breakfast to start your day or join us for lunch and dinner. 
Free Local Delivery Available 4-7PM
Camp Magruder To Nedonna Beach